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Wednesday morning items

Nice victory last night. Particularly nice that Brad Wilkerson, who has been dealing with some questions about his bat speed, got around on a 97 mph King Felix fastball and yanked it into the right field bleachers. Hopefully, he's breaking out of his slump.

Evan Grant's latest DMN newsletter starts off with some observations on Wilkerson, with Grant suggesting that there may be a certain amount of resentment in the locker room towards Wilkerson right now, with the perception being that his presence on the roster was what made David Dellucci expendable. And in his game story from yesterday's game, Grant indicates that Wilkerson thinks he's found the problem with his swing, and is making the necessary adjustments.

A productive Brad Wilkerson is a key part of the Rangers' playoff hopes this year. Hopefully, the big hits the past couple of games are indicators that Wilkerson is getting it going.

In the S-T, Kat O'Brien has a piece on the Rangers' recent tendency to score runs when two are out. She also notes that there's a huge split in the Rangers runs scored in wins versus losses, averaging 7.3 runs per win versus 2.8 runs per loss.

Grant also has a piece on GMJ's quest to establish himself as a leadoff hitter. He says he learned a lot from watching David Dellucci last season, but I still have pretty huge doubts about him in that role.

Finally, a couple of pieces on other SBNation sites I wanted to point out...Beyond the Box Score takes a look at Chris Shelton, and John Sickels asks, is there hope for Dallas McPherson?