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Finalizing the roster

The Rangers have purchased the contracts of Antonio Alfonseca, Adrian Brown, and D'Angelo Jimenez, meaning that those guys have made the team.

I'm guessing that the Dellucci departure means Laynce Nix has made the team as the starting CF, as well. The question will be whether he plays every day, or if he sits against lefties in favor of Mark DeRosa.

No word yet on the rest of the bullpen, but my guess is Scott Feldman goes to AAA, with Fabio Castro and Erasmo Ramirez getting the last two slots.

Update [2006-4-2 0:55:11 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Erasmo Ramirez was DFA'd, so the only remaining roster question is whether Koronka or Tejeda is the 5th starter.