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Galloway on the Dellucci trade

Randy Galloway weighs in on the Dellucci trade...

He's not too keen on it, and suggests that Daniels panicked when Adam Eaton went down, while wondering what's really going on:

For some weird reason, Dellucci seemed to have fallen out of favor this spring with Buck Showalter. Now we know why Showalter was sending those negative signals.

Then there's Daniels. Despite strong and sometimes angry denials from him on reports that Dellucci was up for trade, the deal went down, and so did the new GM's credibility with the media. Well, at least with me.

I believed his denials. Next time I won't.

Daniels, of course, can say the Eaton injury changed everything. Maybe it did, maybe not. Those negative vibes from Showalter were flowing before Eaton had his problem last week.

If Tejeda, who saw time in the Phillies' rotation last season, becomes an effective pitcher here, then Daniels will skate on all issues with the fans, including credibility.

But at first glance, it's a panic move that cost a productive bat and clubhouse leader in Dellucci.

Without question, it's Daniels' strangest move in his brief tenure as GM, and you have to wonder if Showalter forced it, and if he did, why?