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Will Carroll stuff

A couple of items of note from Will Carroll's UTK column today...

First, on the Rangers, he has this to say about Brad Wilkerson:

The Rangers brought in Brad Wilkerson to hit. Sure, he's a solid leadoff guy when healthy and not a bad fielder, but the team plays in a hitters park and Wilkerson's a hitter. He's a much better hitter when his shoulder is healthy, something that hasn't happened much over the past few seasons. He is getting top-flight care from the Rangers staff, as Andrews protege Keith Meister is one of the top young doctors in the game. Wilkerson's recent power stroke shows that the treatment, cortisone injection, and work in the cage is finally paying off. While Wilkerson will have to deal with the problem going forward, his ability to play with it is looking better.

On the Angels front, Carroll says that the Fat Boy's timetable for return looks to be early May, but that there's no way to tell how effective he'll be then.

And more ominously (for Angels fans, anyway), we have this on K-Rod:

Francisco Rodriguez always looks as if he's one pitch away from a major injury. After Wednesday's outing, I'm not sure he hasn't already made that pitch.