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Some ex-Rangers and Rangers-related players

Some early stats...

Edwin Encarnacion is currently sporting a .286/.397/.531 line.

Aaron Harang is rocking a 6.35 ERA in his new role as Cincy staff ace.

Paul Byrd, an early free agent target this past offseason, has a 7.02 ERA.

Royce "Thong Song" Clayton is hitting .226/.263/.264.

Dan Kolb has an 0.00 ERA, albeit in 3 2/3 IP, and without recording a K.

Doogie Davis has an 8.24 ERA. Chris Young has a 2.95 ERA.

Maybe almost Ranger Mike Lowell is humming along at .294/.357/.510. Frankie Cat, in a part time role, is .462/.576/.731.

Perpetual Ranger rumor targets Shawn Chacon and Ted Lilly have an 8.03 ERA and 3.77 ERA, respectively, and recent Ranger rumor target Matt Clement is at 7.00.

Perpetual bane of Ranger fans Dan Miceli has an 8.10 ERA.

The immortal Brian Jordan has a .333/.412/.533 line, though in only 15 ABs. And the immortal Mike Lamb has a .200/.273/.200 line in 10 ABs.