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Monday morning First Place Rangers stuff

Another day tied for first in the American League West. With a three game set against Oakland starting today, and the Angels starting a three game home series against the Tigers, we could see some movement at the top over the next few days. But I'm going to enjoy the "first place" part now, while I can.

Between the Rangers sweep of the D-Rays, and the Mavs beating the Grizzlies despite not bringing their "A" game last night, it was a pretty good sports weekend. If only the Stars hadn't tanked against Colorado...

Not much exciting in the way of Rangers news this morning...apparently, the decision to bring up Ron Mahay rather than Scott Feldman was due to the feeling that they needed a fresh arm in the bullpen yesterday, and Feldman couldn't be called up until today. However, Jan Hubbard says that there are no more moves planned for right now, so Feldman will likely be in the minors for a little while longer, until someone else needs to be replaced.

Hubbard also has an interesting quote from Mark Teixeira:

"Offense is never going to be consistent," Teixeira said. "You're going to have days where you go out and get 15 runs and the next day you get shut out. Pitching is a different story. You can go out and pitch well and keep yourself in every game. Our pitching's done that for us. This is the best pitching we've had in a while."

Evan Grant has some notes, including the requisite comments on Kevin Mench's new shoes. Of more interest is his reporting that (as we expected) John Koronka will be starting again on Friday, which means that, with the off day on Thursday, there will be no 5th starter until May 2.

Grant also says that Kam Loe was sent home again yesterday with his cold, but that he's improving and expected to start on Wednesday.

The Mariners have designed Joe Borchard for assignment. The one-time Stanford two-sport stud got a record signing bonus with the ChiSox when they drafted him, but his bat has been a bust, and Seattle got him for Matt Thornton this spring. He's one of those guys who could be a decent 5th outfielder, but with Hyzdu, Brown and Meyer on the roster, I don't see that the Rangers should have any interest in him.