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Luke Hochevar a Cat

Luke Hochevar has signed a deal to pitch for the Fort Worth Cats.

Hochevar was a supplemental first rounder this past year out of Tennessee by the L.A. Dodgers. He's represented by Scott Boras, and there has been much drama regarding his representation and the negotiations with the Dodgers, with Hochevar supposedly at one point getting a new agent, agreeing to a deal with the Dodgers, and then returning to Boras and reneging.

In any case, he's supposedly a pretty good prospect, who should go in the first couple of rounds in the 2006 draft if he doesn't reach a deal with the Dodgers. He's supposed to get six starts with the Cats, and the Cats have agreed to set the dates of his starts in advance so that scouts can come see him, if they so desire.