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Changes I want now

We have an offday tomorrow.

During that offday, the Rangers need to:

1) Replace C.J. Wilson on the roster with Scott Feldman

All offseason, I couldn't figure out this fascination the team had with C.J. Wilson. He was one of the relievers Buck could "trust," a guy who had a guaranteed spot in the pen when he was healthy. And he doesn't seem to be able to get batters out. He needs to go back to AAA for a few weeks, at least.

2) Make Otsuka the closer, let Benoit and Alfonseca handle the 8th, and let Cordero split time with Feldman as the middle man

Three straight blown saves. And he didn't even get to vulture a win today. Someone else needs to be closing, and Cordero needs to get his spit together in some other situation.

3) Fire Buck

Well, that won't happen. But it would be nice if we had a manager who would have sent up any of the four hitters he had on the bench to hit for Adrian Brown in the 9th inning, since all of them -- even Popup -- are better hitters than Brown. And it would have been nice if we had a manager who would have thought to walk Jay Payton with runners on second and third and one out, to try to set up the double play in the 10th.