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Cordero is making Buck pissy

T.R. Sullivan's game story today is all about CoCo Cordero...

And apparently, the struggles of the Vulture have gotten Buck a little snippy:

The Rangers don't want to change closers. Antonio Alfonseca and Otsuka have both pitched well as setup relievers and the Rangers' bullpen fits better if Cordero can close. But they can't wait forever.

Otsuka and Alfonseca have closer experience but Showalter snapped, "There is a reason why they're not closing anymore."

Well, great, Buck...

Cordero sucks, but you are also going to come out and say that we can't use Otsuka and Alfonseca because they apparently suck too...

Apparently, there are going to be discussions on the issue tomorrow...but if I had to bet, I'd say that Otsuka is going to be the closer on Friday.