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Evan Grant, timelining the trades

Interesting piece in the DMN for tomorrow on the timeline and chronology of the two deals Jon Daniels made this weekend...

Evan Grant walks thru what happened from the 3 1/2 hour organizational meeting where the decision was made to go with R.A. Dickey as the #5 starter, thru the negotiations on the Dellucci trade.

An interesting bit of background on the decision to cut ties with Dominguez:

On top of that, the situation with Dominguez had deteriorated. He missed a team meeting on rules Wednesday morning, and the feeling inside the clubhouse was that Dominguez couldn't remain a part of the organization. He'd broken the last vestige of trust among field staff and teammates.

Daniels' options were to claim a waived player, give the job to a pitcher the players wanted gone or go find a trading partner as teams were breaking camp.

Which adds an interesting dynamic to the decision to trade Dominguez...