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Internet-less weekend

My internet connection went out Saturday morning -- I think due to a lightning strike, although I'm not sure -- so I have no internet connection this weekend, since SBC/AT&T can't send anyone out until Monday.

Anyway, a few quick items...

From the S-T, Buck thinks Brad Wilkerson is getting out of his slump. He's up to a 679 OPS for the year right now, and seems to be swinging the bat better...hopefully, he's coming around.

Apparently, either Rick Bauer or C.J. Wilson will be sent out to make room for Robinson Tejeda, with the S-T saying that team officials say that Fabio Castro isn't going anywhere. Good news there.

Bad news on the second base front, though...from the S-T:

Infielder Mark DeRosa went 2-for-4 in his final rehab game at Triple A Oklahoma on Saturday night. He will join the Rangers in Cleveland today. He will be the team's starting second baseman while Ian Kinsler is out.

"I think Mark deserves the opportunity," Buck Showalter said.

Why? D'Angelo Jimenez is a better player than Mark DeRosa. Why does DeRosa deserve the opportunity instead?

Evan Grant says Popup and his 478 OPS are going to be sitting tonight, but only because he was hit by a foul ball. Buck apparently wants to make sure everyone knows that Gerald Laird is the backup, and is only playing because Barajas needs to rest his injury, not because Laird deserves to play...