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News on Day 2 of the season

The day after opening day, as the Rangers try to rebound with Vicente Padilla on the mound...I'm feeling good about the game today...

Galloway says that the Rangers offense wasn't bad yesterday, but that Curt Schilling "was simply that good." For all the hand-wringing over the departure of Alfonso Soriano, Brad Wilkerson figures to be about as productive offensively, if not more productive, so I don't think that the 2006 offense should be expected to be any worse than the 2005 offense.

For what it is worth, the Boston Herald indicates that Schilling seemed to concur:

"It's been two years since I felt remotely close to this," he said. "This is how I was in 2002."

Galloway, on his blog, also had a couple of follow-ups on the Dellucci trade, vis-a-vis the front office:

Erasing doubts in the clubhouse?
Did you notice that Daniels felt it necessary Sunday to address the team on the trade of Dellucci, and also to try and end any personal credibility issues that may have surfaced in the clubhouse?

Smart move by Jon Boy. The previous GM had zero respect and credibility in the clubhouse. Daniels was off to a good start in establishing a solid relationship, but the way the Dellucci trade was handled caused some doubts.

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A credibility gap for Daniels
Jon Daniels continues to defend his credibility over how and why the trade with the Phillies went down late Saturday.

After I was critical of Daniels, and his credibility, in Sunday's column, several team insiders told me I should have aimed most of the heat at Buck Showalter, not Daniels.

Regardless, I continue to hear, and the Philly papers also were reporting Monday, that Tejeda for Dellucci was basically done two weeks ago, and the Rangers delayed it only because of injury issues in the outfield.

The Rangers are now saying Dellucci was traded because of the Adam Eaton injury last week. I believe Showalter wanted Dellucci gone all spring (for what reason, I don't know), and it was going to happen regardless of the Eaton injury.


Kevin Sherrington hits on several issues, including the Dellucci trade...he likes the deal, although he (like a lot of us) questions why the Rangers dumped Dominguez for so little, particularly given that the A's (who have a pretty good track record with pitchers) wanted him.

He also predicts that Tejeda will be in the Rangers rotation for a good chunk of the season, and that Kevin Mench will be hitting cleanup instead of Phil Nevin before long.

One thing I have to call him on, though...he says that, before the Eaton injury, he had the Rangers winning 89 games, but now he's scaling that back to 80. Even if Eaton to Tejeda is a downgrade (and Tejeda was better than Eaton last year), I don't see how you can reasonably say it would cost the team 9 games.

While Kevin Millwood, after the game, blamed himself for the loss, Jim Reeves still believes that Millwood will be fine here in Texas. I agree...he's not going to be the ERA champ again, or likely even be a Cy Young contender, but I think that Millwood is going to be a solid contributor, not the next Chan Ho, regardless of what happened yesterday.

Evan Grant also notes Millwood's "accountability," implying that it is something that hasn't often been seen among veteran Ranger starters the past few years.

Among the other new Rangers, Kat O'Brien says Brad Wilkerson is happy that he's in left field, as he thinks that's his best position. O'Brien also says that Adrian Brown will be starting in center against lefties, at least until GMJ gets off the d.l. That's not going to do much to help the Rangers improve on their weak performance against lefties from last year...

And Jennifer Floyd Engel writes on Ian Kinsler's major league debut, and his first major league hit, off of Curt Schilling.