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DMN Rangers newsletter

There's a new Rangers newsletter out from Evan Grant...

A few interesting items...Grant doesn't think we'll see Botts at DH this year unless the Rangers are out of the race, because of the amount of time Botts would take to adjust to major league pitching. If Nevin struggles and the Rangers are in the race, Grant thinks they'll make a trade for a DH, rather than go with Botts.

He also disagrees with the suggestion that Jon Daniels is working for Buck Showalter, rather than vice versa. Grant compares the trade of Dominguez -- whom he admits Showalter wanted gone more than Daniels did -- to the Esteban Loaiza trade in 2000, where Johnny Oates pushed to have Doug Melvin move Loaiza because Oates and the players were sick of his flakiness.

Grant also says that, despite suggestions that the Rangers should bring Ricardo Rodriguez back to fill the 5th starter spot, that ship has sailed and the Rangers don't want him back...