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Evan Grant chat session

Evan Grant had a chat session today, and the transcript is up.

Some highlights:

  • Erik Thompson's injury was "devastating," he still hadn't received medical clearance to pitch again, and he may retire.
  • John Hart isn't hanging around the team much (but then, Grant points out, he wasn't hanging around the team much when he was g.m.).
  • Robinson Tejeda will probably be in the majors very quickly, and will replace either Dickey or Koronka in the rotation.
And there's an interesting Q&A I'm going to cut-and-paste on Buck and Daniels:

Moderator: How are Buck and Jon D. getting along?

Evan Grant: Professionally. I don't think there will be the golf-buddy situation that existed between John Hart and Buck Showalter. Jon Daniels is there to run the organization. Buck Showalter is there to run the 25-man roster. It will be much more of a business relationship than whatever the "I'll run through fire for the other guy," kind of thing that seemed to characterize the Hart-Showalter relationship.

Oh, yeah...there is also a "where's Rusty Greer" question and a "where's Jeff Zimmerman" question...