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Dickey sent down, Bauer brought up, Durazo comes back

R.A. Dickey was optioned to AAA today.

Rick Bauer has been called up to take his place, and it sounds like Bauer is going to do a sort of tandem-starter deal with John Koronka today, since Koronka isn't expected to go beyond about 75 pitches.

Reasonable enough temporary move. Because Bauer was on a minor league deal, he wasn't optioned to AAA, and the 10-day-wait-before-recalling-an-optioned-player rule doesn't apply with him, so he could be called up immediately once Dickey was sent down.

Either Bauer or Koronka would seem likely candidates to be shipped out once Tejeda is ready, depending on which one shows more. And if and when C.J. Wilson is ready to return to the bullpen, the other one could be sent down, or Scott Feldman.

Finally, Erubiel Durazo has been signed to a minor league deal...methinks the Rangers haven't been filled with confidence by Phil Nevin's early-season performance...