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Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy...

"Don't Panic"

At least, that's what I'm telling myself.

It is five games into the season. The Rangers got good starting pitching in three of those games, and one of the bad performances was from R.A. Dickey, which should have been expected.

The Rangers are 1-4 because they haven't been scoring runs. And while I don't expect this team to be an offensive powerhouse, I do expect that they'll be better offensively than they have been thusfar.

I'm sticking by my prediction of around 85 wins and second place in the A.L. West. It is too early to panic.

Jan Hubbard writes that the hitters are blaming themselves for the bad start, and they say they have to do a better job of scoring runs. When Kam Loe and John Koronka give you the type of outings they gave the past couple of days, the Rangers should score enough runs to win.

Kat O'Brien has some notes on Dickey being sent down, including another quote from Dickey about how he felt he'd earned a major league job.

And according to Evan Grant, the Rangers are hopeful Mark DeRosa will be ready to play by Monday or Tuesday, and thus are going to hold off putting him on the d.l. If he does end up on the disabled list, the Rangers could call up Robinson Tejeda, Edinson Volquez, or R.A. Dickey to take what would have been Dickey's start next week.