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The Tejeda roster move

As everyone knows by now, Robinson Tejeda is making the start tomorrow, and someone is going to have to be moved off the 25 man roster to make room for him, although there is no definitive word right now about who that will be.

T.R. Sullivan lists four possible candidates -- Rick Bauer, C.J. Wilson, Fabio Castro, and Drew Meyer. I have a hard time believing, though, that Castro is really in danger at this point, although I wouldn't be surprised if Buck would prefer someone else in that roster spot rather than Castro.

Evan Grant narrows the list further, saying that either Wilson or Meyer is expected to be sent down.

Sending Meyer down would leave the Rangers with just a three man bench, although Buck isn't using the bench much anyway, so it may not matter. Still, I think Wilson is more likely to head out than Meyer.