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Wednesday morning quick hits

Just a couple of quick things to throw out there, before I hit the road to head up to Arlington for the game today...

The Rangers, despite the embarrassing loss yesterday, and having dropped four of their last five, are still in first place, albeit tied with Oakland.

Kat O'Brien has a snippet about Hank Blalock going the other way more this year. Yesterday's homer to left field was, I believe, only the second or third homer Blalock has ever had to left at TBIA.

O'Brien also says that Ian Kinsler played 7 innings at second base in Arizona yesterday, and is going to spend another day there today before heading to Oklahoma for a rehab assignment.

Brad Wilkerson, he of the awful start, now has a better OPS than Phil Nevin, and is just four point behind Mark Teixeira.

Nevin is 9 for his last 54, and Teixeira is 7 for his last 37. Teixeira is going to get things going, I'm sure...but Nevin, I'm worried about.

And make sure you check out Ian Cobb's diary on Eric Hurley, and get a look at the line Hurley posted last night...