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Hudgins, Sinisi traded to San Diego

Grady Fuson got a couple of his 2003 draftees back, getting John Hudgins and Vince Sinisi in exchange for Freddy Guzman and Cesar Rojas, according to a newsflash from Jamey Newberg.


Hudgins didn't have much of a future here once Fuson was fired, since he's one of the "pitchability" types that Fuson favored. When healthy, he's pitched very well in the Rangers' system, but he's struggled this year in AAA, and guys like Hudgins -- smart, great command, mediocre stuff -- often top out at AAA. John Maine and John Stephens come to mind...

Vince Sinisi was a stud hitting prospect from Rice who slipped to the 2nd round over signability issues, broke his arm, missed a full season, and has struggled to get back to where he was pre-injury. There have been questions about whether he'll develop enough power to play in the majors, but he's an intriguing prospect.

Freddy Guzman looks like a future fourth outfielder, a switch-hitter who can play centerfield and doesn't hit much, but can steal some bases. Basically, another Adrian Brown.

I can't find anything on Cesar Rojas right now. I'll keep looking.

Unless I find out something pretty exciting about Rojas, I don't like this trade.