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Gammons on a couple of Fort Worth Cats

Peter Gammons has some notes on Fort Worth Cats pitchers Luke Hochevar and Matt Harrington.

There were, according to Gammons, 50 scouts in attendance watching Hochevar on Monday, who seemed to have impressed. Gammons says Hochevar could go in the top 10 picks.

If he slips to the Rangers at #12, you have to think they'd be tempted...with no 2nd round pick, they'd have a little more in the kitty to spend on a first rounder, and thus might be more willing to give Hochevar the type of bonus he's apparently asking for (he's already turned down $2.98 million from the Dodgers, who took him in the 2005 draft). And Jon Daniels has a much better relationship with Scott Boras, Hochevar's agent, than John Hart did...