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Game called, Rangers win, up by a game and a half

The Ranger/BoSox game has been called, giving the Rangers a 6-0 victory. With Oakland losing to the Yanks tonight, the Rangers now have a 1.5 game lead in the A.L. West.

Something to think about...there has been some speculation that, with the Boston forecast calling for weather in the 40s and rain all weekend, this may be the only game played this weekend.

If that's the case, then Robinson Tejeda, rather than John Rheinecker, would probably be used the next time the Rangers need a #5 starter.

If both weekend games are rained out, the Rangers wouldn't need a 5th starter again until next Friday's game at Houston. Tejeda would be eligible to be recalled then, and given the Juice Box's dimension, the Rangers would probably prefer to send the righthanded Tejeda out there rather than the lefty Rheinecker.

If just one game is rained out, then the Rangers would need a fifth starter on Thursday, in New York. Again, Tejeda would be eligible to return for that start; however, the Rangers have suggested they'd prefer to let a lefty pitch in Yankee Stadium, so in that case, they might call up Rheinecker, even though Tejeda is eligible.

Also, calling up Rheinecker would give the Rangers some roster flexibility. They could option Drew Meyer to AAA and recall Rheinecker for the start, then after the game, option Rheinecker and activate Ian Kinsler from the disabled list.

This would buy the team an extra few days with an 8 man pen, since they could keep Feldman or Bauer on the roster until the following Tuesday, when Tejeda would need to be recalled to make the start.