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Saturday first place Texas Rangers stuff

A few quick items this morning, as we wait and see if the Rangers are going to play today...the DMN says that the Rangers are prepared for a rainout today, and today's forecast for Boston makes playing the game unlikely...

Evan Grant with several notes this morning, with the main news being that Laynce Nix is apparently shifting to right field with Freddy Guzman joining the Redhawks. That isn't a good sign for Nix's career...although I hold out some hope he'll get his hitting problems straightened out, he's someone who probably isn't going to hit well enough to have much value as a corner outfielder. As a major leaguer, he's probably going to have to be a centerfielder to be a regular, and if the Rangers have put him behind Guzman on the pecking order, then his future with the organization is probably similar to John Hudgins' and Vince Sinisi's.

Grant also says that the Rangers are hopeful that they can get something for Brian Shouse, who they have to trade, waive or release by Wednesday, and that Erubiel Durazo appears likely to take his release on Monday, when he has the right to become a free agent if he isn't on the major league roster.

My position on the need for a lefty DH is, I think, clear, so of course I'd be disappointed if we lost Durazo.

Kat O'Brien confirms what I suggested last night...that a rainout would likely mean Robinson Tejeda getting a start on Thursday, rather than John Rheinecker starting on Tuesday.

O'Brien also says that Brian Anderson and Josh Rupe (both rehabbing) are set to throw batting practice today, while Frankie Francisco got checked out by Dr. Lewis Yocum, who said he's coming along fine.

A few stats to think about...

Hank Blalock is now hitting .336/.405/.526. Josh Beckett, meanwhile, has a 4.70 ERA in 44 innings, with 30 Ks and 16 walks, plus 7 homers allowed.

Popup's offensive explosion last night got him up to .223/.277/.330 on the year.

And Alfonso Soriano, whose hot start was referenced quite a bit early in the season by those who didn't like the Wilkerson trade, is just 8 for his last 48, with a .270/.316/.507 line.