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Tuesday morning stuff

Today's a good day.

We had a 4-2 win over the Yankees yesterday. We had Kevin Millwood bouncing back strongly after his disastrous outing against the Twins last week. We have the Rangers in first place, 2 games ahead of the Oakland A's. And the Mavs beat the Spurs last night, the second consecutive game where they won the type of game that the Mavs always seem to lose, and the Spurs always seem to win.

I'm in a good mood.

Vicente Padilla is supposed to test out his ankle today, and is he's in good shape, he'll get the start against the Yankees on Thursday, with Robinson Tejeda starting in Houston on Friday. Otherwise, Tejeda will start on Thursday, with Padilla hopefully being available on Friday.

In the same notes, Grant says that Rudy Jaramillo has been found free of cancer, and Erubiel Durazo has opted for free agency, although the Rangers can trade him to another team in the next 72 hours.

Brad Wilkerson now has a 798 OPS on the year.