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Sunday morning

Big day today.

The Rangers are back in first place, and are facing off against the Astros, of course...

And the Mavs have game 7 against the Spurs, a game which I'm almost afraid to watch.


Good news from Evan Grant's game story today:

It may be nothing right now more than a statistical quirk, but it's certainly worth filing away for the future - the future being the remainder of Kevin Millwood's five years in Texas.

He and catcher Gerald Laird seem to make a splendid couple.

On their third date together, Millwood and Laird, who figures to be the Rangers' catcher in 2007 and beyond, breezed through the Houston lineup in a 6-0 win Saturday.

Laird should, of course, be the Rangers' catcher now, rather than the backup, but is encouraging to see items like that...

In the bad news category, though, is Jan Hubbard's item on Ian Kinsler in the S-T. Kinsler may be back on the team as soon as Monday, but according to Hubbard, will be riding the pine:

When Kinsler returns, utility man Drew Meyer will probably be sent back to Oklahoma. Showalter has said, however, that Mark DeRosa will continue to start at second base, although DeRosa will also see time at other infield positions and in the outfield when Kinsler plays second base.

The Rangers need to leave Kinsler in AAA until he's 100%, and then bring him up and put him back at second base. Activating him so he can sit on the bench behind the Dumpmaster -- particularly when the Rangers already have D'Angelo Jimenez on the roster -- is stupid.

Grant also says that Scott Feldman's ankle was better than expected yesterday, and it sounds like he'll avoid a trip to the disabled list, although he's probably not going to be available for at least a couple more days...

Update [2006-5-21 13:6:10 by Adam J. Morris]: -- It was just pointed out to me that the Mavs don't play until tomorrow. That shows you how much I've been trying to avoid thinking about them since that awful game 6...