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Some things that may only interest me

Juan Pierre has 2 RBIs this season in 183 at bats.

Ricky Nolasco, one of the pitchers that the Cubs traded to Florida for Pierre, had 2 RBIs against the Cubs today.

Steven Goldman has a neat piece up at BP about the historical/cultural differences between Babe Ruth and Barry Bonds, and why, from a cultural standpoint, there will never be another Babe.

Mark Normandin at Beyond the Box Score analyzes the Soriano trade at the quarter mark.

Wes Littleton gave up only his second earned run of the season today, and his first home run all year.

The Yankees have a payroll closing in on $200 million, and yet have Scott Erickson, Ron Villone, and Terrence Long all on their 25 man roster right now.

Only the Royals have a worse record than the Angles in the American League right now.

The Royals have not beaten a team from outside their division this season. The Royals are so bad, and -- unlike the Tigers of a couple of years ago -- so bereft of young talent that I really feel sorry for them, their players, and their fans.