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Wednesday morning items

Not a bad night for Jason Botts last night. A couple of walks in four plate appearances shows a nice amount of patience for a guy who had just been called up and plugged into the starting lineup.

Joaquin Benoit, as I mentioned in the game day thread last night, looks less happy to be out there on the mound than any pitcher I can think of in recent memory...

Evan Grant has a new newsletter up...of particular interest is Grant's saying that interest between Adam Eaton and the Rangers in working out a long-term contract extension was "overblown," and this tidbit on Buck's managerial tendencies and his pulling of John Koronka in that awful loss ot the Yankees:

Really, I believe more than messages, Showalter simply was trying to do what he could to help the team. The thing about overmanaging is that it is created from the best of intentions. In some situations, managers try to do too much to help their teams win instead of remembering that, ultimately, it's the players who decide the outcome.

Richard Durrett has a few notes on Phil Nevin's move to the bench, with Jon Daniels saying it is too early to discuss whether Nevin will be traded. Which suggests that, if Botts hits, the team will be looking to move Nevin...

Kat O'Brien says the plan is to "juggle" Mark DeRosa and Ian Kinsler at second base, and Nevin and Botts at DH, once Kinsler returns from the disabled list.

And remember, day game today, so the game day thread will be going up early...