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Some thoughts on tonight's game

Okay, I was at tonight's game with my dad and two of my brothers, and have the following thoughts...

  1. I'd like to know whether GMJ not tagging in the first inning on Nevin's fly ball was the result of him making a bad decision, or Steve Smith telling him to go halfway
  2. In the 4th inning, with the Rangers down 4-0 and Mark Ellis up with two on, I said that I'd like for Ellis to just go ahead and hit a homer to put the A's up 7-0, so I could give up any hope of a comeback, and just relax and watch the game without stressing about the Rangers maybe being able to win. Ellis didn't do anything, of course, but the A's made it to 7-0 soon enough.
  3. I hate obnoxious fans who root for the visiting team like it is game 7 of the World Series. Cheering for your team is one thing, but standing up and yelling and clapping every time someone gets a hit or catches a popup, and doing it in a way that seems like you want to make sure all the fans around you hear you, is obnoxious. And the guy who was doing that the whole first half of the game disappeared in the 7th inning.
  4. Some fans in the row ahead of me, after booing Kevin Millwood for a while, started a "Chan Ho Park" chant. Anyone who thinks Millwood is pitching anything like the Ho ever did in Texas has clearly blanked on how bad the Ho really is.
  5. Ian Kinsler is good. Terrific play in the field on a ball that Alfonso Soriano wouldn't have gotten to early in the game, and then two big home runs. I like him.
  6. Bobby Kielty, who had an enormous mass of red hair the last time I saw him play, has gone with a crew-cut look. His head now looks like an orange tennis ball.
  7. When Rod Barajas came up with the bases loaded, I said that Buck had to send Wilkerson or Botts up to pinch hit for him, that Popup had no business hitting in that situation. I, of course, was wrong.
  8. I said, repeatedly, beginning in the top of the 9th, that Phil Nevin had no business hitting in the bottom of the inning, based on how poorly he'd been going, how awful he looked at the plate today, and the fact that Huston Street was likely to be on the mound, and there was no way Nevin would be able to turn on Street. I was very bent out of shape when Nevin went onto the on-deck circle, and bitched about why Brad Wilkerson or Jason Botts wasn't pinch hitting for him.
Again, of course, I was wrong.

Terrific game, though.