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Friday morning Rangers things

Still feeling good today after yesterday's win...I'm going to be at the game again tonight, and hopefully will see another Rangers victory...

The first place Texas Rangers now have a 2 game lead on the A's, and are up 3 on the Seattle Mariners...

Kat O'Brien reports that Frankie Francisco is supposed to start a rehab assignment with Frisco in the next few days. He has options remaining, so if he's still not where the Rangers want him to be when the 30 days on the rehab assignment are up, he can be activated and optioned. Otherwise, the Rangers will have a decision to make on the pen.

John Rheinecker is coming up and Robinson Tejeda is down, although the timing of the move surprised me. With Ian Kinsler being activated, Tejeda could have been optioned instead of DFAing Adrian Brown, and Rheinecker could have been called up for Sunday's game, giving the Rangers the opportunity to keep Brown on the roster a few extra days.

O'Brien says that instead, a reliever will be called up for the next few days, then sent back out when Rheinecker gets called up on Sunday.

O'Brien also says that the Rangers should know today whether Adrian Brown clears waivers.

On the DMN website, Evan Grant has a lengthy feature on John Koronka. has a piece on Laynce Nix's return to AAA. Sullivan says that Nix had some issues with the "mechanics of his swing," and has apparently made progress in re-working his swing to make him less vulnerable to pitches off the plate.

Update [2006-5-26 12:28:48 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Just saw Jamey Newberg's report this morning...Jamey says that Wes Littleton will be coming up today to replace Robinson Tejeda.