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Memorial Day Rangers stuff

Three of four from Oakland, and the Rangers are in first place, three games up on the A's, and five games up on both Seattle and the Angles.

The Mavs won in Phoenix last night, in convincing fashion, taking back home-court advantage.

I'm feeling good about being a sports fan right now.

Just a few notes...Antonio Alfonseca is supposed to start a rehab assignment at Oklahoma on Wednesday. Evan Grant says that the Rangers are concerned that Alfonseca's velocity isn't back to where it was pre-injury, so Alfonseca may not be back quite as quickly as was originally thought.

John Rheinecker gets the start tonight, and Wes Littleton has been sent back to AAA. Littleton didn't get to pitch during his first stint in the majors, but he'll likely be back up here at some point later in the season.