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BP draft chat, Hit List, and a Rangers signing

Beyond the Box Score's Marc Normandin does the Prospectus Hit List today, and the Rangers check in at #11, five slots above where John Donovan has them for CNN/SI.

BP (and former BA) prospect/draft guru Kevin Goldstein is doing a chat as we speak at BP, and says that Luke Hochevar will be long gone by the time the Rangers draft at #12, with UT outfielder Drew Stubbs and The Woodlands righty Kyle Drabek as the most likely possibilities for Texas.

And the Rangers have signed University of Tennessee senior first baseman Chris Kemp to a pre-draft contract. I don't remember the rules on signing undrafted seniors before the draft -- Jamey, if you are around, you may be able to help -- but in any case, Kemp seems like an organizational depth guy.