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WTF of the day

The girlfriend of Washington Nationals outfielder Jose Guillen was robbed of $12,000 shortly after cashing the player's paycheck at a small business in Northeast Washington Wednesday evening, D.C. police said today.

Police did not disclose the woman's name but said she entered the check-cashing business, Money Mart, in the 1100 block of H Street NE shortly after 5:30 p.m.

She then went to a special back room where she frequently cashes the outfielder's checks, police said.

She was given $12,000 in cash and put it in her purse, according to the police account. She was leaving the store when an unknown man approached and ripped the bag from her hands and ran out of the store, police said. She was not harmed, they added.

This is right up there with the Albert Belle/stalker story, in terms of "unanswered questions".

I mean, first of all...why the hell is Jose Guillen cashing his freaking paychecks at a check-cashing place? Does he not have a bank account? Does he conduct all his business via money orders? What the hell?

And the place is called "Money Mart," and has a "special back room" where Guillen's girlfriend "frequently" cashes Guillen's checks? What do you have to do to get back-room check-cashing-privileges at the "Money Mart"?

Plus, Guillen letting his girlfriend cash checks like that for him is a pretty big leap of faith. I still won't give my wife my PIN number for my ATM card. I can't imagine letting someone else cash a check like that.

Also, if this were his Nationals paycheck, I don't understand why the girlfriend only had $12,000. Baseball players get paid, I believe, twice a month during the baseball season. Even after taxes, medicare, and all that (maybe a 401k, too, although I've gotta believe that someone who cashes their checks at the "Money Mart" probably isn't contributing to their 401k), Guillen's net should be a lot more than $12,000 per pay period.

The mind boggles.

Update [2006-5-4 17:12:20 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Here's a satellite photo of the location on Google Maps, if anyone cares. (Google Maps is the best...)