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Ozzie Guillen is insane

I wonder if hard-core ChiSox fans like Ozzie Guillen. I have to think that, for them, he's a lot like Mark Cuban is for me...I acknowledge Cuban has done a lot of good things for the Mavs, but every time I see him on TV or hear him talk or read something he says, I cringe, because so often he acts so ridiculous and embarrassing. But I'm sure fans of other teams are amused by his behavior, even if it isn't always clear whether they are laughing at Cuban or with Cuban.

And so it is, I've gotta think, for the ChiSox fans when it comes to Ozzie...

Here's the latest Ozzie wackiness:

Freddy Garcia is taking the ''no comment'' route when asked about the allegations in the Venezuelan daily Lider.

The newspaper reported over the weekend that the White Sox pitcher had violated the International Baseball Federation's anti-doping policy when marijuana was found in Garcia's urine in a test administered during the World Baseball Classic.

While Garcia is remaining silent on the matter, manager Ozzie Guillen sure isn't.

"It's only one paper,'' Guillen said Wednesday. ''It doesn't bother [Garcia], but it bothers me. One newspaper, one guy, says he might. But nobody's got anything, nobody. All of a sudden, one guy says, 'We think somebody told me.'

"It's a good thing it happened to Freddy and not to Ozzie Guillen because that man's going to be in big trouble. I will fly to Venezuela and kick his [butt]. You cannot print in the paper something you really do not know. I wish it happened in the United States because he'd be in jail right now.

''In Venezuela, we don't care. We take care of [bleep] by hitting people. Nobody knows what's going on, Freddy, myself. Out of like 30 newspapers back in my country, there's only one paper printing that and continuing to print that.''

Guillen has had his run-ins with Venezuelan newspapers in the past and said a big reason for the problems in the country he grew up in is too much negativity.

''Some people there like to do stuff they're not supposed to do, and they make money at it,'' Guillen continued. ''Everything in Venezuela is negative.''

I don't know what is funnier...Ozzie's claim an American writer would be in jail (no 1st Amendment in Ozzie's America!), or the fact that he claims that in Venezuela you deal with things by hitting people.