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Evan Grant chat transcript

Evan Grant did a chat session at the DMN today, and it was one of the better Q&A sessions I've seen in a while, in terms of substantive issues addressed.

Among other things...

  1. Grant thinks DeRosa's play will allow the Rangers to be more patient with Ian Kinsler's rehab, but that Kinsler is going to be the starting second baseman when he returns.
  2. The Rangers would have been in on Bronson Arroyo, but were a bad match...he says the BoSox wouldn't have taken David Dellucci for him, but would have probably insisted on Kevin Mench to get a deal done.
  3. C.J. Wilson's confidence and stuff make the Rangers more willing to let him take his lumps out there than they would with a lot of pitchers.
Some good stuff...check it out...