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A couple of other things

A couple of other things I wanted to throw out there...

Kevin Goldstein has a draft update at BP, and has this Ranger mention:

While many teams continue to love University of Texas outfielder Drew Stubbs' athleticism and borderline-phenomenal defensive skills, questions about his bat remain. However, as the draft cliché goes, it just takes one to fall in love with him, and that one might be the Rangers at No. 12 should he fall to them. Still, that would be quite a fall for the player who entered the season as the top position player on many boards. "He really had a chance to be the man this year," said one team executive, "and instead he was, well, Drew Stubbs."

The scouting reports on Drew Stubbs, as I've mentioned before, sound a whole lot like those on Drew Meyer when he was coming out of college. Great tools, plus speed, arm and defense, off-the-chart intangibles, big questions about the bat.

Given the supposedly significant role the Drew Meyer pick in 2002 had in Grady Fuson's departure from the organization, I'd find it very ironic if the Rangers ended up taking Stubbs at #12.

Tim Kurkjian lists Kevin Mench as one of five players who are "on the rise," possibly moving themselves from solid contributors to All-Star players. Nick Johnson, Brandon Webb, Johnny Gomes, and Cliff Lee are the others listed, so Mench is in very good company there.

The Rangers are currently 5th in the A.L. in ERA, behind Detroit, the Yanks, the ChiSox, and Anaheim, and are 4th in starter ERA.

The Rangers are currently 6th in the A.L. in runs scored.

I don't remember the last time the Rangers were ranked higher in team ERA than in runs scored.