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Saturday morning tidbits

Brad Wilkerson is apparently okay, after crashing into a wall on Thursday. He did say he bruised his right shoulder in the collision -- the same shoulder he had to get a cortisone shot for this spring -- but he said it is in a different spot on his shoulder.

In any case, after yesterday's 2 for 3 outing, Wilkerson is now hitting .267/.336/.448 for the season.

The S-T reports that Ryan Bukvich has gone to Oklahoma, as he continues his return from T-J surgery, and Frankie Francisco is scheduled to pitch two innings in an extended spring training game on Monday.

A couple of troubling trends of late...after his hot start, Phil Nevin is just 2 for his last 19 and 6 for his last 38, dropping his OPS to 829 on the year. And after seeming to have found his groove, Mark Teixeira has been slumping again, going 2 for his last 20 with 7 Ks.

The Rangers need those two guys to start hitting again, pretty quick...