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A lefty bat who should be on the Ranger radar

Okay, the Rangers need a lefthanded bat off the bench, a guy who could DH against righthanders and play an outfield corner in a pinch.

I've found the perfect guy...Matt Stairs.

He's hanging around with Kansas City, who doesn't need him, and taking at bats away from guys like Justin Huber.

He still can get on base and hit for power, and would be a great compliment for Phil Nevin at DH. And he's making $1.35 million this year, a reasonable amount.

I can't think the price would be terribly high for Stairs. Maybe a Nick Masset or a Travis Metcalf, someone like that.

Something to think about, particularly with Royals owner David Glass making noise about changes being imminent. A new g.m. is probably going to want to jettison some of the old guys who aren't going to be part of the next get Royals club, and Stairs is probably going to be near the top of that list.