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Another lefty bat possibility

Matt Lawton has asked the Mariners to give him his release...

I talked about Lawton as a possibility last season, before both he and the Rangers crashed and burned in the second half of the season.

But again, he's someone who would fill a need for the Rangers, providing a bat off the bench who can play either corner outfield spot and DH some. And he's traditionally been a good OBP guy, although he doesn't have the power of either Matt Stairs or Erubiel Durazo, two other possibilities discussed.

With Phil Nevin cooling off, the Rangers need another option for the DH slot. Nevin's right/left splits have historically been pretty extreme (for his career, 941 OPS against lefties versus 766 OPS against righthanders), and that trend has continued this season.

Realistically, the Rangers need to find someone who can split time at DH with Nevin, and who ideally could spell Mench and Wilkerson in the outfield occasionally.

Lawton, Stairs and Durazo are all possibilities. I'm sure there are other options out there, as well.

The Rangers now just need to do something to get one of them on the 25 man roster.