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Monday morning


What an awful sports weekend.

The Rangers get swept at home by the Yanks, and look bad in the process.

The Mavs blow a winnable game 1 at San Antonio, with Devin Harris hardly playing, Dirk disappearing in the 4th quarter, and Jerry Stackhouse passing up a wide open shot with just a few seconds left to dribble behind the three point line.

The whole thing sucked.

Despite the rough outing yesterday, Jan Hubbard says that the Rangers still like Robinson Tejeda. However, Tejeda may be on his way back to AAA...the Rangers can skip his spot in the rotation next time around, and since Tejeda has options, he can be sent back to Oklahoma and recalled for his next start.

With Brian Shouse apparently ready to return to the bullpen, and the pen being ridden pretty hard this weekend, I wouldn't be surprised if Shouse were activated and Tejeda sent out today.

Buck also says that Francisco Cordero is getting back to where he needs to be.

Kevin Sherrington says that this series crippled the Rangers' chances of getting Roger Clemens. Since I've thought for a while the Rangers' chances of getting Clemens were nominal, I don't think it really matters.

Oh, yeah...the Rangers are still in first place, despite the bad weekend.