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Rheinecker stays in the rotation

I forgot to mention this earlier, but John Rheinecker is apparently staying in the rotation, and will be making his next start on Tuesday.

That sort of mucks up the rotation a little, but sets the Rangers up to have Kam Loe, Vicente Padilla, and Kevin Millwood pitch in this weekend's series at the ChiSox, then have Rheinecker, Koronka, and Loe pitch at Kansas City the following week. The Rangers would then have Padilla go on Friday against Boston, and have Millwood pitch in one of the doubleheader games on Saturday, with someone having to come up from the minors to pitch the other DH game on Saturday.

My guess is that D'Angelo Jimenez gets DFA'd before the first game, Robinson Tejeda or John Wasdin gets the call to pitch game one, then is optioned (if it is Tejeda) or put on waivers (if it is Wasdin) after game one, with Freddy Guzman getting called up for game 2, with Millwood starting.

Rheinecker would then, presumably, pitch Sunday at Boston, with Koronka, Loe, Padilla and Millwood pitching in the four game set at home against the ChiSox.