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Kevin Goldstein on the draft

Kevin Goldstein has an article up at BP previewing the A.L. teams and the 2006 draft, which includes this item on Texas:

Scouting Director: Ron Hopkins. Hopkins spent eight years in the Oakland organization before following Grady Fuson to Texas in 2003. While his official title was scouting director, Fuson ran the drafts until he left for San Diego, and assistant GM Jake Krug also plays a major role in the Texas selection process.

What The System Needs: Center fielders and first baseman. The system doesn't have a lot of projectable athletes.

What They'll Do On Tuesday: Owner Tom Hicks is a huge University of Texas fan, and if Drew Stubbs slips a little bit, the Rangers will pounce. After that, there will be plenty of other local talent to choose from.

So get ready, folks...another first round pick used on a white guy named Drew, who has great marks for speed, defense, his arm, his athleticism, and his intangibles, and who has big questions about his bat...