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Other takes on the Nevin trade

The Transaction Oracle weighs in on the Nevin deal, seeming to view it as a not terrible minor move for both teams, while Chris Kahrl has this to say on the deal from the Ranger perspective:

As moves go, I particularly like this one. Nevin was little better than dead weight, and getting him off of the roster makes it that much easier to get Jason Botts into an everyday role in the lineup. Hairston's not a regular, but as a combination reserve at second and the outfield, he's handier to have around than D'Angelo Jimenez. Maybe it's an element of nostalgia for Mark McLemore, who took this kind of role and expanded it into a career re-launch, or the recognition that Eric Young is proving handy for the Padres. For Texas, this repurposes one roster slot that subsequently affords them the ability to use Mark DeRosa as aggressively as they like, and potentially frees them up to ditch Jimenez and use that slot for something else, whether that's another outfielder or whatever.

And you can find BA's analysis here.