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Wasdin up, Wilson down

Just saw a newsflash from Jamey Newberg that C.J. Wilson was optioned to AAA, with John Wasdin being called up.

Interesting move, and I'm not quite sure of the medium-term ramifications...Wasdin may be heading to the pen for long relief, and then pitching the June 10 doubleheader, although I'm not sure if or how long he'd stay after that.

Update [2006-6-1 18:50:35 by Adam J. Morris]: -- It occurs to me that the decision to send down Wilson, leaving the Rangers with one lefty in the pen, could be linked to the decision to keep John Rheinecker up. If the Rangers feel like they can turn to Rheinecker in a relief role in the next couple of days, should a lefty be needed, then they may have felt that Wilson could be sent back out. Just a thought...