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Eldridge released, and T.R. updating the pitching situation

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T.R. Sullivan has some updates on the situation with the Ranger pitching staff...

Sullivan says that the Rangers are going to use John Wasdin as a long reliever, although he may start a game in the doubleheader at Boston. Wasdin as the long man suggests that Rick Bauer is going to be getting more setup opportunities, and Antonio Alfonseca isn't going to be ready to return anytime soon.

T.R. Sullivan also says that the Rangers have released Rashad Eldridge to make room for Jason Hart at AAA Oklahoma, a move that makes no sense to me. Eldridge was off to a slow start, but he's a guy who could probably be a decent 4th outfielder in the majors right now, and just releasing him is baffling to me.

Sullivan also says that John Rheinecker is going to get the start on Sunday, with Kevin Millwood getting bumped to Tuesday to give his back some extra rest. And apparently, the Rangers are looking at sliding the Kronkster back to Thursday, so that Kam Loe can take his start on Wednesday on his regular rest...for a sinkerballer like Loe, having too much rest can often have an adverse effect, as their arm can be too "fresh," and they can't keep the ball down as effectively.