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Saturday a.m.


I'm feeling kind of cranky about the Rangers right now.

Yesterday was a game they really needed to win.

I don't like either of the matchups today in the doubleheader. And really, I'm starting to think that I'd just prefer that the rest of the weekend by rained out.

2.5 games up on Oakland, 4.5 games up on Seattle, and 5 games up on last place Anaheim.

A few notes out there...Richard Durrett says that Antonio Alfonseca was looked at as someone to hold down the fort until Frankie Francisco was ready, but Alfonseca's inability to pitch more than one inning and the fact that he isn't throwing as hard as he was at the beginning of the season led the Rangers to cut bait with him.

Durrett also says that Kam Loe pitched Wednesday immediately after getting back from the funeral from one of his best friends, which certainly would help explain why he wasn't exactly himself during that game.

Kat O'Brien says that Josh Rupe and Francisco are both thought to ready to return by the end of the month...I'd guess that Rupe is being looked at right now as a bullpen option, rather than a starter, although that could change.

O'Brien also reports on some draft signings...the highest pick signed, and probably the most interesting of this crop, is Christopher Davis, who was thought to be a potentially difficult sign.