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6/10/06 game one game day thread

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Lineup up...

Botts, Barajas, and Wilkerson all sitting...

John Rheinecker vs. Jon Lester, who is making his major league debut...

We either need a rainout or a split...

Go Rangers...

Update [2006-6-10 13:27:4 by Adam J. Morris]: -- The start of game one has been delayed. Don't know how long it is expected to be delayed.

Update [2006-6-10 13:28:12 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Eric Nadel just said that it is hoped that the game will start between 2:30 and 3:00 Eastern (1:30 and 2:00 Central).

So it sounds like at least an hour before anything happens.

Update [2006-6-10 16:21:57 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Still no news. Looking at the radar, I would be surprised if the afternoon game gets played. My guess at this point is that the night game gets played, and they try to play two tomorrow.

Update [2006-6-10 16:28:9 by Adam J. Morris]: -- The latest is that they are going to try to start the game at 4:15 Central. That is 5:15 Eastern, which means that there almost certainly will only be one game today.

Update [2006-6-10 17:20:55 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Here's the 2 of the DH has been cancelled. Game 1 has not been cancelled, but no one knows when it will actually start.

Update [2006-6-10 17:41:58 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Apparently, the Red Sox have issued a press release saying that they hope to get a game in, but it won't start before 5:30 Central time, at the earliest.

Update [2006-6-10 18:40:23 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Game one has started.