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Rudy Seanez is old

I can't believe he's still in the league.

He seemed to be on his last legs when he was with the Rangers back in 2002, the Year of the Awful Veteran Relievers.

Seanez was a 4th round pick of the Cleveland Indians back in 1986.

How long ago was that? Other 4th round picks that year include Bo Jackson, Kent Bottenfield, Billy Bean (not the g.m., the guy who revealed after he retired that he was gay and who is now on I've Got a Secret), and the X Man, Xavier Hernandez.

The first six picks of that draft were Jeff King, Greg Swindell, Matt Williams, Kevin Brown, Kent Mercker, and Gary Sheffield, and future Rangers Lee Stevens and Luis Alicea went #22 and #23 overall.

Roger Pavlik, Kevin Tapani, Erik Hanson, and Todd Zeile were all second rounders in that draft. seems like anyone picked in that draft should already be retired...