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Crappy Wednesday

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Man, yesterday sucked.

Rangers can't get their offense going against Jon Garland, Kam Loe runs into trouble in the middle innings again, and the Mavs collapse in the 4th quarter.


Evan Grant says the recent rotation struggles and crammed schedule are taxing the bullpen, to the point where the Rangers may make a move today to bring up a fresh arm.

A couple of other interesting Grant notes from today...Mark Teixeira has apparently been working with Rudy Jaramillo to fix a mechanical problem with his swing, that has been reducing his power. And Jon Daniels said the team will decide on Sunday whether to bring Fabio Castro back to the majors, or put him on waivers.

Kat O'Brien has some feedback from Jon Daniels on trade discussions starting to swirl, although Daniels does offer this caveat:

"I've had no [trade] talks about him since spring training," Daniels said. "In no way, shape or form am I trying to trade Kevin Mench."

And Jan Hubbard has the annual article on the Rangers dealing with the summer heat...

Finally, I thought this would go without saying, but I'd have zero interest in Russ Ortiz.