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Thursday stuff

I feel better today after a nice, easy Rangers victory last night.

Texas remains a half-game up on Oakland, who won their 6th in a row last night.

The Chicago Tribune expounds upon the Sean Tracey/Hank Blalock drama from last night:

The Texas Rangers put a dent in Javier Vazquez's ERA Wednesday night.

But that paled in comparison to the anger the White Sox displayed during an 8-0 loss at Ameriquest Field in the latest chapter of their rivalry with the Rangers.

Texas starter Vicente Padilla hit Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski twice, which prompted a warning to both sides from home plate umpire Phil Cuzzi in the fourth inning.

Suspicions of retaliation surfaced in the seventh when Sox rookie reliever Sean Tracey moved Texas cleanup hitter Hank Blalock off the plate with a high-and-tight first pitch.

Blalock took a big hack and missed at the next pitch before Tracey moved Blalock off the plate with a low, inside pitch.

The sequence ended when Blalock grounded out to second, but manager Ozzie Guillen immediately pulled Tracey in favor of fellow rookie Agustin Montero, who had been warming up as Tracey entered the game.

Television cameras caught Guillen yelling at Tracey in the dugout.

Tracey buried his head in his hands before covering his face with his jersey, and Guillen was shown spiking a bottle of water.

Guillen declined to elaborate on the incident after taking the blame for not having Montero ready to start the inning, adding Tracey "is one of our prospects." Guillen said he didn't want to make comments that could result in a suspension.

Jan Hubbard has a story on the Kasey Kiker signing, saying that there was a line of people 75 deep waiting for a Kiker autograph before the game.

Kat O'Brien reports that D'Angelo Jimenez has been released, and Scott Feldman is okay to pitch after taking a line drive off the arm.