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A couple of things

Will Carroll has recanted his story about Rich Harden needing T-J surgery:

It's good to hear that Rich Harden not only won't need surgery at this stage, but that the original reports that my story Monday was based on were incorrect. It's interesting to see just how much coverage this has received and even more interesting that the A's have been up front and clear about the situation. If my report hadn't come out, would we be hearing from the team's orthopedist, something I can never remember occurring? If my information was incorrect, then it appears that the team was working from similar information. Dr. Jerrald Goldman told the Chronicle that the injury looked better with a follow-up MRI than initially indicated, meaning Harden may only miss a month. Part of my job is to get the correct information on injuries out; this isn't the way I want to have it happen, but the end result is that we have a better understanding of what's going on with Harden.

And Frank Robinson on why John Wetteland was fired:

"They seem to focus a little bit more on practical jokes and fooling around out there in the bullpen rather than focusing and concentrating on the game, and keeping their minds focused to what they would have to do when they came into the ballgame to get people out," Robinson said after yesterday's 8-1 loss to Colorado. "I just couldn't put up with it anymore. I talked to John on a number of occasions and told him flat-out what I needed and how I wanted things done. He just didn't seem to understand."

My favorite part of this article...

Asked if the relievers might be upset, Robinson said, "Maybe they'll get mad enough to get somebody out."