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Saturday a.m. things

Nice win last night. The A's, of course, won yet again, but the Rangers are still just half a game back...

Evan Grant has several items of note up this morning...particularly Jon Daniels saying that there are no plans to bring up Edinson Volquez anytime soon. After a rough start to the season, Volquez has pitched quite well in his last several starts, but Daniels says Volquez would only come up in the immediate future if there's an injury.

Grant also has this on the Fabio Castro activation:

Manager Buck Showalter said he'd be a little less hesitant to use Castro in a key situation than he was in April when Castro appeared three times in a month.

It would be hard for him to be more hesitant to use Castro in a key situation...

Kat O'Brien says that Buck met with Kevin Mench about his lack of a regular position, and T.R. Sullivan says that Mench has moved into a utility role. What will be interesting to see is what happens when (and I assume it is when, not if) Dumpmaster goes back to playing more like he has historically. When Dumpmaster cools down, does Mench go back to playing right field regularly? Or does he remain in a utility role?

O'Brien also says that Jon Daniels isn't planning on doing any promotions in the minors until after the minor league All Star games. Eric Hurley seems like the prime candidate to make a jump, moving from high-A to AA.